The following information shall in no way play down the earnestness of the past. The Concentration Camp
Memorial Site shall show people what happened, so this will never happen again. I agree and I stand for that.
Ludwig Stoeckl

Visitors will for sure visit first on their stay in Dachau the Concentration Camp Memorial Site.

But after having two to four hours all of these impressions, most people are exhausted, mental, as well as physical.
As there is lots of information already available about the Memorial Site, I want to give here some information of
the other side of Dachau.

And that's why I recommend to use the rest of  the day or of your visit to get other and better impressions of Dachau.

The Old Town of Dachau is quite pretty and nice to visit. You'll find friendly people and you can have lunch or dinner there.
Also I would recommend to visit the Dachauer Schloss and Schlossgarten (Castle of Dachau and Castle Garden).
In the spring or summer it is pretty there.

As well in every season it is a good idea to go or drive up there, as one has a good view over whole Dachau.

In summer, sometimes a warm stream comes from the Alps, the 'Foen'. You can see then the Alps from here, also Munich and the Munich television tower is visible then.

Btw., if there is 'Foen', it is said here, that people behave a little crazy then.

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To go up to the castle by car, use the Kloster-Str., this street branches of the Augsburger-Str.
Pedestrians can
also use the Schlossgasse, a small walkway, branching from Augsburger-Str. too, only a little more upward the hill.

Another good idea would also be, to visit a Biergarten, were a especially nice one is besides the Kloster-Str.
It is comfortable, shady under the trees and you can have a beer and also something to eat there.

If you look for tourist information, there is a tourist information center in the Augsburger-Str., across the town hall.
Where Augsburger and Konrad-Adenauer streets meet, on the 'hilltop' of these streets.

Also lots of small streets can be found, and are nice to walk through, lots of shop windows, further a marketplace,
where one also can sit down, and have a beer.

As Dachau was always a good place to be for artists, you can look trough galeries and from time to time listen to concerts.
For detailed dates of this events contact the tourist information.

Of course you are always welcome to visit me.
Thanks for your visit.
Ludwig Stoeckl

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